Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the service charged for yearly?

To ensure the service is seamless when switching between your fixed Broadband connection and your smartphone all of the traffic flows through a Boosty server. The yearly service fee is to pay for the datacentre traffic and support.


Can I add port forwards to host my webcam etc?

Yes, you can add TCP and UDP port forwards


What if I need a dedicated static IP, can you provide one?

Unfortunately we can’t offer you one yet, but will soon. Today, we provide all customers a static, but shared IP address.


What smartphones does the BoostyLink app support?

iOS 8 or higher, or Android 5.01 or higher


How does Boosty work in a Plug & Play manner?

We have developed and patented various clever techniques to make devices on your office network think that the Boosty router is the main broadband router. This works very effectively for most customers, but in a small number of cases those customers with incompatible broadband routers will need to make some configuration changes.


What do I do if my broadband router doesn’t support Boosty?

Enable the DHCP server on the Boosty router and de-activate it on your main broadband router.


How do I choose which devices on my network can fail over to my smartphone?

The Boosty portal allows you to select which devices are important to your business and you wish to carry on working in event of the main broadband connection failure.


Can I implement a maximum cap on the amount of data that can be used on an individual smartphone?

Yes, you can specify a maximum monthly cap on each smartphone. When the cap is reached Boosty will start using the next available smartphone instead.


What datacentres do you use and is my traffic safe?

We have two datacenters in key London facilities and are interconnected dark fiber connection for a diverse network. Our parent company, Sharedband has been providing connectivity solutions for 14 years and has built a robust, scalable and high-capacity network infrastructure delivering service to thousands of companies, big and small.



Can Boosty use multiple smartphones simultaneously?

Boosty chooses one smartphone at a time to act as failover. If that smartphone then leaves the office or reaches its data cap, then Boosty will select another smartphone to use which is running the BoostyLink app.